COLUMN: A Letter To Martavis Bryant

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver-slash-enigma Martavis Bryant was told by coach Mike Tomlin on Wednesday that he will not be playing Sunday in Detroit. Bryant’s multiple remarks on social media and to the media have made it perfectly clear that Bryant isn’t happy with his current role in Pittsburgh.  Now that the news reporting is out of the way, here’s the commentary I want to give on … Continue reading COLUMN: A Letter To Martavis Bryant

COLUMN: Dishing On CTE

Chronic Telepathic Encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE, is probably a bigger topic than how many Super Bowl’s Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will end up with. It’s the most widely talked about topic in football, and possibly sports in general, right now. In a recent study, 110 out of 111 deceased football players’ brains were found to have some form of CTE. That’s one brain that didn’t … Continue reading COLUMN: Dishing On CTE

COLUMN: Signing Tomlin A Winning Move

Say what you will about Mike Tomlin. All the dude does in win. In fact, in his ten seasons as the head coach in the organization, Tomlin has never had a losing season. He has had two 8-8 seasons and one 9-7 season. All seven others have been 10 or more. That is the definition of success. Personally, I can say that I have stood by Tomlin … Continue reading COLUMN: Signing Tomlin A Winning Move

COLUMN: The Window is Closing on Stairway to Seven

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the most successful franchise since the 1970 AFL/NFL merger, winning six Super Bowls; more than any other franchise. Steeler Nation, and rightfully so, is quite proud of that accomplishment. It ties into why Pittsburgh is called the City of Champions. The 1970’s were the glory days of the Steelers, winning four Super Bowls in six years. Many from those 70’s teams … Continue reading COLUMN: The Window is Closing on Stairway to Seven