Steelers Release Robert Golden

The overhaul of the secondary continues.

The Steelers officially announced the releases of Mike Mitchell and William Gay Wednesday afternoon, shortly after the NFL’s new year began. Another release they officially announced came as a bit of a surprise.

The Steelers officially announced the release of Robert Golden, who had served not just as a backup at either safety position, but primarily as special teams captain. The release clears $1.475 million in cap space.

With the release of three veterans from the secondary, it doesn’t take much transparency to see that the front office is making significant changes to the secondary. Last season saw the introduction to a bit more man coverage in the scheme, especially against the Patriots.

The Steelers could look to address the secondary heavily in the draft. With the start of free agency, they could potentially bring in one of the younger free agents for the right price. There is still also the possibility of bringing Mike Mitchell back on a cheaper deal. Now that free agency is officially underway, we could see the dominoes fall fast and furious.

After news that the Arizona Cardinals released safety Tyrann Mathieu, rumors started swirling quickly that the Steelers could be a potential landing spot. Of course, depending on how much it would cost, it might be difficult for the Steelers to offer significant money for a high profile free agent.

The Steelers aren’t known to spend big in free agency. There are holes to fill now after cutting three veterans from their secondary. Kevin Colbert and company obviously have a plan. We’ll see that plan play out soon enough.


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