Steelers Nation, Come On Board!

It’s getting to be my favorite time of the football calendar. Free agency soon followed by the NFL Draft has football fans everywhere ready for the new season.

I sure love having the opportunity to write about the happenings around the Pittsburgh Steelers and you can, too! As of the time of you reading this article, we are hoping that you will join us in writing about the Pittsburgh Steelers during the offseason and into the season.

Now, obviously you may ask yourself why you’d want to write about the Steelers. It could look really good on a college transcript if you are a younger person but if you are past college, it could give you the opportunity for people to see and debate your thoughts on Pittsburgh’s beloved football team.

As part of the “Let’s Talk Steelers” team, you are not held to any certain standard as far as how often you write. We encourage to write as often as you can but life can get in the way for everyone. You’d have the chance to cover any news or write and express your own opinions on happenings around the team.

We ask you now that if you are interested, you DM either @LetsTalkPens or @LetsTalkSteelers on twitter. You also can email if you are interested and have any further questions about writing with us. Please come on board. My name is Cody Flavell and I write with Chris Halicke and Ryan Pawloski. We are all good people that want to grow this and make it successful and you can be a part of that.


Cody from Steeler Nation


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