Tight End Improvement; Steelers Acquire Vance McDonald

Vance McDonald was traded to the Steelers from the 49ers on Tuesday. The trade sent McDonald and a 5th round pick to Pittsburgh, while the Steelers sent back a 4th round pick. It’s a win-win for both sides. The Steelers strengthen a weak position and get a 5th round pick, meanwhile only giving up a 4th round pick. All in all, its a low-cost risk for the Steelers. Here are his stats from his time in San Francisco with the 49ers:

His stats don’t show much, but he is a reliable target to add into this team. But remember, that he played with average quarterbacks at best. Players like Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick. Neither of the two are franchise quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger. His stats should continue to rise as he enters into this explosive offense. As for his blocking, it could use some work. He isn’t the strongest blocker (like Jesse James), but he can grow into it. He is strong at the point of attack and just has to work on his leverage. He is still young and maybe he will be Ben’s new Ferrari.

McDonald is the next man up when it comes to finding a suitable replacement to Heath Miller. Heath has been retired for years now and thus far the Steelers haven’t found an answer. We shall see if McDonald is the answer, but he provides a vertical threat to the already productive offense. He will have to learn a lot of the scheme in little time to be productive.

Only time will tell if McDonald is the answer at tight end. He comes at a cap hit at around $3 million. If he plays well and is effective, then it’s worth it. But asserted before, only time will tell if he is. If he isn’t, then the saga continues for finding a new tight end, which will probably be on top of the Steelers draft list. McDonald does, however, has a chance in front of him, so he better take it.


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