Steelers Extend GM Kevin Colbert

In the wake of two significant moves that have upgraded areas of need, the Steelers have given General Manager Kevin Colbert a contract extension through the 2020 NFL Draft. Colbert is entering his 18th season as the Steelers GM. He indicated he didn’t want to go anywhere, and now he’s locked up to be the team’s main architect for at least two decades. 

Colbert deserves praise, keeping the Steelers competitive year in, year out for his entire tenure. The one losing season he’s had led to the Steelers having a good draft pick the following year, in which they took Ben Roethlisberger. Well worth it. 

In recent years, he’s had to rebuild the defense, and has managed to keep the team competitive in the process. And now, the defense is on the verge of being very good again.

The Steelers are the best positioned for a Super Bowl run than they have been since 2010. He’s built a high-octane offense, rebuilt the defense, and recently, has made moves to sure up the secondary. He’s even made moves that go outside the Steelers’ norm, like paying significant money for Joe Haden

All in all, good move for the Steelers here. Colbert’s been one of the more outstanding GM’s of his time. An extension for him isn’t a surprise, it’s quite the status quo. 


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